Open Letter to NZ MPs

Open letter to Members of the N Z Parliament

The Department of Conservation has announced an intention to spread the manufactured poison 1080 over Te Moengahau o Tametekapua and surrounding forests of Te Whai o te Ika, the Coromandel Peninsula, during July to October 2017 (Hauraki Herald, 28 April).

DoC does not have the social licence to carry out this operation. According to their own research, an increasing majority of New Zealanders find “aerial poisoning unacceptable”. 1

Many in our community challenge the poisoning of Coromandel forests. Many local hapu and local marae, landowners and local community groups, have not been consulted and have not been offered options for control. 2. Trapping is the community's preferred method.3. Trapping complies with the statutes. 4.

Maori have a right to the guardianship of their taonga under the Treaty of the Waitangi Act 1975, Schedule 1. Local people have a right to safe food and water. Local people seek employment as trappers engaged to maintain biodiversity, as harvesters of possum fur and meat for local industry, as kaitiaki replanting berry-bearing trees and food forests.

Bee keepers, practitioners of rongoa maori and herbal medicine, possum fur and meat trappers, pig hunters and sight-seers cannot use poisoned forests.

Aerial 1080 kills randomly and inhumanely. How many ruru, karearea, kahu, and tuna will weaken from eating poisoned carcasses? How many native frogs will die from absorbing 1080 pollution? How many streams will carry poisoned baits and poisoned carcasses into water supplies? Does the 1080 dust affect the health of the forest biota? DoC does not know the answers to these questions.

Where there is scientific uncertainty, caution must be exercised under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996, s7 . We think that caution is being ignored by DoC when 1080 is dispersed aerially over forest ecosystems.

The sentience of animals is recognised by the Animal Welfare Act 1999, but has been denied to animals classed as "pests". Hunters and farmers have witnessed the prolonged suffering of poisoned animals.

These are the reasons we, the undersigned, call for a halt to the proposed 1080 drops over Coromandel forests this winter.

1. IPSOS, Survey of New Zealanders prepared for the Department of Conservation June 2016, p 81-82.
2. The Communications Guidelines for Aerial 1080 Operations (2009) state that consultation will include options for control (para 2.1). Coromandel communities were not given any options in 2013 and again in 2017.
3. IPSOS. 90% of NZers support trapping, 89% support hunting as a means of pest control.
4. Aerial poisoning cannot avoid harm to native species. The fundamental purpose of the Resource Management Act 5c requires “avoiding, remedying or mitigating any adverse effects of activities on the environment.”

Dr Koro Ngapo, Te Mata Punenga, Te Panekiretanga o te reo Maori, Te Whare Tahuhu Korero o Hauraki, Te Paea Marae ki Harataunga, Nga Uri A Maata Ngapo Charitable Trust. Sam Mclean, Kaumatua, Ngati Tamatera hapu, Te Paea marae Harataunga, Hauraki. Pine Ngapo, Kaumatua, Ngati Tamatera hapu Te Paea marae Harataunga (Kennedy bay), Hauraki. Victor McLean, mangai, Ngati Tamatera hapu Te Matewaru, Ngati Pare, Harataunga/ Kuaotunu/ Hauraki. Wanda Brljevich, vice chair, Ngati Huarere ki Whangapoua Trust. Sandra Watson, kaumatua, Ngati Huarere ki Moehau, Paratu Bay. Marcus James, Ngati Kautawhiti of Little Bay, Tainui/Maniapoto confederation. We also whakapapa to Arawa waka navigator, Tame te Kapua, buried on Moehau. David Broatch, director, Environmental Futures Research (est.1975), Coromandel. Phil Nielsen, trustee, Kuaotunu Environmental Action Group (KEA). John Veysey, Waiau Hawk and Morepork Sanctuary. Wendy Pond, secretary, Manu Waiata Restoration & Protection Society. Steve Nicholas, president, Coromandel Pig Hunting Club. John Allan, president, Whitianga Pig Hunting Club. Todd Hewitt, secretary, Peninsula Pig Hunting Club. B Woods, survey assistant, Coromandel. Kyle Lawton, trapper, Manaia. J Davey, retired teacher, Coromandel. Corinne Jaegle, cancer patient, Coromandel. Dion Wilson, self employed, Coromandel. Tara Holman, shop owner, Coromandel. Jayne Lister, artisan, Coromandel. Yaning Foreman, mother, Coromandel. Benni Bonnin, mother, artist, Coromandel. David Stemson, self emplyed, Coromandel. Anton Bank, builder, Coromandel. Naomi Pond, medical herbalist, Driving Creek. Muhl Bacher Thomas, retired, Coromandel. Lorraine Abernethy, retired, Coromandel. Sarah Brooks, spiritual programmer, Colville. Marijke Miller, cafe owner, Coromandel. Jed Stones, retired, Coromandel, France. Carol Bridgers, support worker, Coromandel. Sean Leach, unemployed owing to illness, Driving Creek. Georgina Jahner, teacher, Coromandel. Kevin and Jill Wilkie, landowners, Kereta. Anna Galvin, budget advisor, Coromandel. Adel Hewitt, fulltime worker, Coromandel. Diana Halstead, artist, conservationist, Te Mata. Lynley Brown, retired, Coromandel. Jennifer Greene, artist, Kennedy Bay, Coromandel. Tom Look, scientific advisor, Kennedy Bay. Graeme Sturgeon, writer, Wyuna Bay. Julie Sturgeon, business woman, Wyuna Bay. Earl Adams, Ngati Huarere ki Whangapoua. Richard McMikin, landowner, Kuaotunu. Margaret Harrison, landowner, Harataunga. Dan Mareroa, landowner, Harataunga. James Webster, Apakura, artist, Coromandel. Toa Makapelu, Pautina, Ngaitahu, Coromandel. Martin Smith, draughtsman, Kuaotunu. Stephanie McKee, writer, Karuna Falls. Karla Allies, Ngati Pukenga ki Manaia, Ngati Paoa. Reihana Robinson, he whangai pehea Ngati Wai. Geoffrey Robinson, farmer, Port Charles. Colin Jolly, windmill maker, Coromandel. Peter Bacchus, retired agricultural consultant, Driving Creek. Ursula Walsh, retired nurse, Coromandel. David Walsh, retired, Coromandel. Jackie Carey, shop manager, Coromandel. Christine Te Moananui, Coromandel. Stephanie Kendall, artist, Coromandel. Ann McCall, receptionist, Coromandel. Stephen Nicholas, driver, Coromandel. Nia Greulich, Caregiver, Port Charles. D Blake-Blackburn, joiner, Coromandel. Jennifer Warde, grandmother, Coromandel. Colette Waaka, business owner, Auckland. John Rees, retired, Auckland. Vivian Selby, retired, Coromandel. Yvonne Hoffmann, retired, Coromandel. Rochelle Still, landowner, Coromandel. Marie Stewart, resident, Coromandel. David Foreman, resident, Coromandel. James Castle, fruitpicker, Coromandel. Ide Grosselchmenn, fruitpicker, Coromandel. Edward Rutter, carpenter (rgd), Papa Aroha. Kouka Boris, woofer, Coromandel. John Watson, landowner, Mahakirau. Wendy Vause, baker, Te Rerenga. Tony Calsaferri, artist, Coromandel. Michelle Shanks, artist, Coromandel. Gill Bacchus, orchardist, Coromandel. Sally Tennent-Brown, artist, Driving Creek. Sabine Siezen, gardener, Manaia. Simon Stigen, finance manager, Manaia. Pat Whiting-OKeefe, farmer, Port Charles. Eden Mclean, Ngati Tamatera hapu Harataunga. Adam Mclean, Ngati Tamatera hapu, Te Paea marae Harataunga, Hauraki. Jason Mclean, Ngati Tamatera hapu Te Paea marae Harataunga, Hauraki. Dorothy Mclean, Ngati Tamatera Harataunga. Mere Ngapo, Ngati Tamatera Marae Harataunga. Hakopa Ngapo, Ngati Tamatera hapu Te Paea marae Harataunga, Hauraki. Ripeka Ngapo, Ngati Tamatera Harataunga. Te Aroha Ngapo, Ngati tamatera Harataunga. George Edinburgh Davis, Ngati Paoa / Ngati Toa, Whitianga. Tawhi Wikaera, Ngati Pukenga, Manaia. Linda Williamsl, Ngati Tamatera, Paeroa. Judy Allen Schults, Ngati Porou ki Harataunga. Wayne Dickson, Ngati Porou ki Mahia, Wyuna Bay. Roberta Williams, Ngati Maru, Pukenga, Huarere ki Waiau. Kane Harris, builder, Rings Beach. Craig Swindlehurst, builder, Whitianga. Mac O'Connor, builder, Whitianga. Matt Hoar, builder, Whitianga. Galvin Newton, truck driver, Whangapoua. Michael Davis, Painter, decorator, Whitianga. Ben Davis, processor, Whitianga. Liana Johnston, bar manager, Rings Beach. Andrew Williams, bee keeper, The 309. Michelle Harper, publican, Coroglen. Carma Gilcken, duty manager, Whitianga. Aaron White, landscaper, Whitianga. Duane Temanu, butcher, Whitianga. Pedro Olsen, painter, Whangamata. Cedric Walker, Whitianga. Frank Dyer, builder, Whitianga. Luke Findlay, builder, Whitianga. Sonia Aris, Whitianga. Ellen Jackson, teacher, Whitianga. Johnny Monvad, earthmover, Whitianga. Dianne Nathan, secretary, Kuaotunu. Leith Dick, plumber, Whitianga. Dan Ray, builder, Whitianga. Malia Peers, mother, Whitianga. Katrina Mair, bakery, Whitianga. Mike Reihana, Carters, Whitianga. Ross Johnson, carters, Whitianga. Shane Cox, carters, Whenuakite. Anne Gage-Reihana, Carters, Whitianga. Dellas Mair, Nanny, Whitianga. Roi Taimana, landscaper, Kuaotunu. Shane Martin, builder, Matarangi. Travis Boyd, arborist, Whitianga. Mike Nash, lawn mowing contractor, Whitianga. Amanda Scobie, Ngaitai ki Tamaki. Adele Thompson, barista, Whitianga. Grant Scobie, consultant Opus, Whitianga. Kylie Smith, farmer, homemaker, Whitianga. Donald Scobie, co manager, Whitianga. Jessica Lockhart, farmer, Coroglen. Damon MacDonald, Coroglen. Jordan Johnson,Whitianga. Shaydon Richards, Coroglen. Josh Colville, Coroglen. Mason Colville, Coroglen. Scott Barrington, Whitianga. Colin Harris, Whitianga. Kelly Balsom, Ngati Hikario, Ngati Apakura, Whitianga. Kerry Balsom, Whitianga. Sydney Novis, Port Charles. Riley Novis, Port Charles. Adam Novis, Port Charles. Wayne Olsen, Whenuakite. Maxine Olsen, Whenuakite. Paul Howell, Tapu. Stanley Hazelton, fisherman, Whitianga. Penelope Holland, Whitianga. L D Monrad, Whitianga. B McNeil, Coromandel. C Hiller, Coromandel. Nev Lee, Coromandel. D Wilson, Whitianga. D Balsom, Whitianga. R Balsom, Whitianga. C McCauley, Whitianga..... and many petitioners whose names are still to be added.

E te Kawanatanga! Areare mai nga taringa ki taku take nei. E whakamutu ake te tuku paitini ki taku whenua e! You, the government, open your ears and listen to what I have got to say! Stop pushing poisons on my land! Thames Coromandel District Council 2009, Agrees to advocate to the Minister Conservation that where possible animal pest control in the Thames-Coromandel District be undertaken by trapping, hunting and non-residual poisons. Public meeting in the Colville Hall, 2013, We, the local residents of north Coromandel Peninsula, who love the mountain, agree and declare that we oppose the aerial dispersal of 1080 toxin over Te Moehau. Whakapuakitanga o Te Aroha, Te Aroha Declaration, 2014, E whakapuaki ana matou kei nga hapori te mana ki te whai kararehe, ki te kohi rongoa me nga tipu kore-paihana. We declare the right for communities/ iwi to hunt safe game and to gather safe plants. Coromandel Colville Community Board 2007, 2009, 2013, 2017, Reiterates its opposition to the use of 1080 in the Coromandel-Colville Ward and its support for alternative methods of pest eradication, eg., hunting, trapping and cyanide.

OIA request re lack of emergency response planning over storage of 23,700kg 1080 bait in the Whitianga CBD

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